The known land, through various wars and settlement, became united under one kingdom known as Aldgar. The capital, Niebal, exists on the western coast where the main river through the country empties into the ocean. There is a large mountain range, treacherous and impassable, save for the passage created by the Tremors, forming the eastern border. The kingdom is for the most part a temperate forest with some hilly grassland to the south.

There are two minor island nations off the western coast. They consider themselves as independent nations but still pay “tribute” to the state of Aldgar. To the northwest is an archipelago known as the Tips as they are the very tops of an underwater mountain range that have sunk unknowing ships. The Tips are a rocky place that trades mostly in shell fish that live on their shores and wool from the sheep herds. In the southwest, farther off the coast is a larger island, Lyta, that is more tropical and trades in spices and produce that does not grow on the mainland.


King Thedas – Previous Ruler
Steward Karn – Current Ruler


The Tremors and the Aftermath


The Outlands Schizo