The Outlands

Outlands Session 2
Stone of Trials

We heard about a stone structure to the south and investigated. When I touched it we were all put to sleep. Eleitheir fought jailors he recognized from his past. He quickly dispatched them with his pyrotechnics, or at least that’s what he said. Then he fell unconscious.

The dragon awoke in a room of black marble with pillars of flame, he said the pillars moved when he did. He eventually out ran them and came upon a room with multicolored tiles. He figured out the puzzle was embraced by darkness.

I found myself in a room with three shades, they asked me who I served, I said death. At first I fought back, but then realized that it was my gods plan for me to undergo this trial and let myself succumb to their assault.

Serah awoke in a dark room with a skeletal figure who asked her if she believed in the gods. When she said no he left her with a rhyme “You don’t believe in the creator, and yet you play his game. To help illuminate your path in life you need only speak his name” She figured out the name but has told none of us what it was and the shadows disperse and she makes it to safety.

Riktor said he found our unconscious bodies, the skeletal figure stood over us, and told him he must take four lives to save us. He killed three skeletons, giving their souls to myself, Morokei and Serah and then hauled Eleitheir’s body out of the portal that appeared.

We all awoke around the stone, healthy but shaken by our trials. We decided that the center stone was of spiritual value and brought it with us back to town to incorporate it into our temple.


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